Practice Areas

1. Housing
Security deposit issues, Landlord Tenant, Lease Beaches, Evictions, Discrimination, Section 8 issues, Voucher issues, Premise, Liability, Sexual Harassment, Issues under the Residential Landlord & Tenant, Ordinance, Mobile Home & Manufactured Home Issues, Security Deposit Return Act, Security Deposit Interest Act, Rent Abatement Act, Seller Disclosure Act, Seller Fraud, Broker Fraud, Utility theft issues, Utility meter issues, Consumer fraud, Wrongful Eviction/Lockout/Security Deposit issues, Foreclosure defenses, Appraisal fraud, Predatory Lending, Seller/Lease back/breach/fraud, Option, Real Estate contracts, Title/Deed Issues

2. Commercial Real Estate
Eviction, Lease Beaches/Interpretation, Notice issues, Ownership/Management disputes, Partnership disputes/deadlock, LLC disputes, Land Trust disagreement, disputes/deadlocks, Partition suits, Foreclosure suits, Articles of agreement disputes, Sale contract disputes, Broker disputes, Earnest money disputes, Mortgage broker disputes, Construction escrow disputes,Construction, Completion disputes, Governmental Contract disputes, Mechanic Lien disputes, Sheriff sale disputes, Rights of first refusal/options disputes, Developer issues, General contractor disputes, Constructive fraud, Quit Claim/title disputes, Joint tenancy disputes, Lender issues, Mortgage Foreclosure, Bank/Financing disputes, Shareholder/Member disputes

3. Probate disputes
Executor removal, Guardianship disputes, Will contests, Heirship disputes, Asset determination Joint Tenancy/Gift issues, Asset ownership

4. Consumer Issues
TILA (Truth In Lending Act), Class Actions, Prosecution & Defenses, Warranty issues, Banking issues, Governmental voucher issues, Housing issues, Lending issues, Utility Issues, Credit issues, Magnuson-Moss cases, Lemon law

5. Commercial Issues
Fraud, Consumer fraud, RICO, Warranty issues, Business contract disputes, Substantial completion, Partnership issues, Accounting issues, Broker fraud, Fraud in inducement to buy or sell, Financial malpractice


Litigation Experience

Berton N. Ring, P.C. has tried cases before juries in areas including, but not limited to:

Personal injury, car accidents, slip and fall, intentional torts, punitive damages, Landlord/ Tenant, eviction, both commercial and residential, Lease breach and damages, Commercial and consumer disputes, contract disputes, warranty disputes, conversion of personal property, damage to personal property, restaurant equipment conversion, fraud, sale of a business, breach of contract, including breach of business contracts, U.C.C. claims

Berton N. Ring, P.C. has tried non-jury cases before Judges in areas including, but not limited to:

Probate, claims for services, real estate partnerships, guardianship fees, deeds, accounting between partners/shareholders, joint tenancy accounts, gifts, embezzled monies, Chancery, accounting, specific performance, declaratory relief, constructive trust, injunctive relief, eviction (commercial and residential), corporate fraud, consumer fraud, fraud, real estate fraud, bankruptcy fraud, partnership disputes, liens, Contracts, lease breaches, license breaches, evictions, retaliatory evictions, earnest money disputes
forfeitures, contract breaches-defaults, real estate, mortgage brokerage, business broker commissions, statutory fraud (Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act)
RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), common law, statutory and ordinance violations, UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) disputes, Criminal matters (both prosecution and defense), trust reformations, real estate license disciplinary matters, state sales tax, Bulk Sales Act, statutory (including both city and state Landlord/Tenant law), theft, Housing Discrimination and class action cases.

Often, the need arises to appeal a Judge’s judgment or the Jury’s verdict, or to defend against an opponent’s appeal of those decisions. The process of appellate litigation requires a detailed knowledge of the appellate procedure and the nuances of appellate practice and persuasion. The appellant in order to reverse the trial court must persuade a three-justice panel of the Appellate Court that a Circuit Court judge committed a harmful error. In addition, litigants may wish to pursue review of the decisions of State, Municipal and other Governmental agencies. The appeals in those cases must proceed through the Chancery Courts on Petition for Administrative Review. Berton N. Ring, P.C. has experience in Chancery appeals in the areas of Sales Tax issues from the Illinois Department of Revenue, License regulation issues from the Office of Banks and Real Estate, and Liquor License Appeals.

Berton N. Ring is a member of the Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association, and Berton N. Ring, PC has participated in more than seventy (70) Illinois Appellate appeals, including eight published decisions covering a wide range of topics and in wide-ranging issues across Illinois law. Berton N. Ring, PC has experience in the following types of Appellate work:

To the Appellate Court directly from the Circuit Courts following a trial; To the Appellate Court directly from the Circuit Court following a dispositive motion; To the Appellate Court directly from the Circuit Court following supplemental procedures; To the Appellate Court directly from the Circuit Court following non-final interlocutory orders; Directly to the Illinois Supreme Court for Writs of Mandamus; Directly to the Illinois Supreme Court for Supervisory Orders; From the Illinois Appellate Court to the Illinois Supreme Court for Petitions for Leave to Appeal; Contested motions in the Appellate Court; Oral Arguments before the 3 Justice Panel; The preparation of Briefs, Motions, oppositions to Motions, (appellant, appellee, cross-appellant, reply, Petitions, Motions and supporting memoranda) The firm has substantial appellate Court experience in writing both appellant and appellee briefs, in numerous districts of the Illinois Appellate Court, including the First, Second and Fifth Districts and was involved as principal attorney in approximately 50 additional unpublished appeals before the Illinois Appellate and Illinois Supreme Courts. Each brief is the collaboration of the effort of at least two attorneys at Berton N. Ring, P.C., and the product of numerous drafts and re-writes before filing. Berton N. Ring, P.C. has participated in appeals in the following issues:

Appellate Procedure; Civil Procedure; Supplemental proceedings; Commercial Evictions; Residential Evictions Landlord/Tenant matters; Partnership disputes: Mortgage Broker claims; Foreclosure issues; Eminent Domain and Real Estate Evaluation; Fraudulent Conveyance; Mechanic Lien matters; Principal/Guarantor matters; Probate and Guardianship matters; Attorney fee issues; Attorney Lien issues; Summary judgment; Breach of contract issues Commercial Bribery issues; Real Estate Broker and Business broker claims; Installment Sales of Real Estate; Constructive Notices on Real Estate Sales; License Suspension issues; Sales Tax issues; Trial Practice issues; and Statutory claims under the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Berton N. Ring, P.C. has handled appeals as referred matters from other law firms and works with other law firms in the handling of their appeals. Berton N. Ring, P.C. has handled appeals for clients, individuals and businesses from which other law firms handled the trial matters. Berton N. Ring, PC can work within budgets, using flat fee or hourly billing.

Among other contested areas, Berton N. Ring, P.C. has experience with the matters concluding prior to trial include, lien disputes [mechanics, foreclosure, commercial real estate broker, physician, attorney, hospital] will contests, paternity and heirship disputes, deed forgery cases, insurance coverage disputes, real estate professional ethics, personal injury, civil rights, housing discrimination, family law disputes, land trust deadlocks, anti-trust price discrimination, real estate partitions, partnership disputes, tax deed and sheriff deeds disputes, equitable disputes of deed, rescission and reformation, eviction, lease breach bankruptcy disputes, boundary disputes, and corporate and individual fraud, consumer fraud, conspiracy, eminent domain, condemnation proceedings, corporate bribery, arbitration clauses, contracts, criminal, among many other areas.

Berton N. Ring, P.C. has worked with expert witnesses either as consultants, witnesses or as respondents in depositions in areas including, but not limited to:

Cardiologists, Dentists, Eye Surgeons, Economists, Handwriting Experts, Jury, Consultants, Real Estate Appraisers, Building Inspectors, Chiropractors, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Real Estate, Management, Restaurant Operators, Hotel consultants, business evaluators and consultants, Accountants, Product defects, Highway defects, Genetic Doctors, Architects, Letters of Credit


Berton N. Ring, P.C. has represented clients in as buyers, borrowers and sellers involving commercial and residential real estate and businesses including apartment buildings, stores, offices, vacant lots, condos, single families, town-homes, Tax deeds, sheriff deeds, foreclosures and many businesses including restaurants, fast food, bed and breakfasts, jewelry stores, professional practices, bakeries and hardware stores. Mr. Ring was previously a HUD closing agent for the private purchases of foreclosures and for transfers to Municipalities.

Berton N. Ring, P.C. is available to consult on business issues and topics in the following areas: Legal billing, legal fee audits, lease or CAM expense pass-throughs, additional rent billing, business ethics issues, lawsuit prevention, real estate management issues, contract/billing /bidding, arbitration/ mediation on construction issues, among various other matters.

Mr. Ring also has appeared as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases, and has testified in Federal and State Courts.